Stevie Jay Morning Show

Guests: 7am hour Professor Allan Saxe, Sadiq Ali; 8am hr Derrick Kinney, Jordan Deluce, Michael Ryan, Kelly Hill then Tonya J Powers

April 16, 2018

Stevie Jay talks with Professor Allan Saxe on the Trump Administration/Syria strike.  Author of "Millionaire Manners" Sadiq Ali talks about Spring Cleaning our personal social media sites. In the 8am hour Derrick Kinney talks about money/retirement, then Centennial High School students Jordan DeLuce and Michael Ryan talk about Dance Marathon raising money for Children's Miracle Network on 4/20, Kelly Hill talks about the Women's Build with Lowe's and signing up at for the Thurs 4/19 event. The Boston Marathon is today and Tonya J Powers from Fox Radio talks about the bombing 5 years ago.